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handbuilt unique ceramic raw vase
handmade ceramic trinket dishes
morning breakfast bowl with natural glaze unglazed finish
wave textured organic vase
handmade ceramic pebble plate one of a kind
sound gong trinket handdrawn graphite
poolside tumbler coffee tea cup handmade ceramics

poolside tumblers

handmade ceramics

handmade ceramic cloud mug vases minimal design
swimming pool drawing inspirationdesign
raw glaze texture pottery
handmade ceramic spikey plate and platter one of a kind

cloud mugs




made in

east london

small batch

by claire wan


the collection

resonance plates hand carved handmade one of a kind
handmade ceramic dimple cups wheel thrown natural organic unglazed
flow cups organic unique ceramic cups espresso cups set collection

flow cups

dimple cups

wavy plates
handmade ceramic vase one of a kind
handmade ceramic raised cat bowl handpainted custom ergonomic sculpture design
handmade ceramic marbled pebble plates mould dinner plate collection
handmade ceramic serving platter dinner plate
nature chinese gourd zen garden inspired
handmade ceramic marble soap dish handmade tray
clay sculpture in the city of london







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